Snow Plow Cylinder


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Snow Plow Cylinder is a welded single acting hydraulic cylinder. It’s working pressure is 2500 PSI. All snow plow cylinders are manufactured as replacements of snow plow equipment under ISO 9001. The product created for replacement in various types of snow plow equipment such brands as: Western, Arctic, Meyer, Fisher and Diamond. Rigid heavy duty welded design, high tensile steel and top quality seals allow Magister Hydraulics’ snow plow cylinder to work in severe winter environment. Screw on gland allows to perform maintenance if needed.

It is customers responsibility to ensure that this replacement part is correct for their plow equipment. Please refer to our chart with all measurements of each cylinder. If you have any questions, please call us at (844) – MAGISTER.

  • Applications: Snow Plow Cylinder Single Acting.
  • Tube: High tensile cold drawn tube.
  • Rod: Chrome plated rod.
  • Gland: Threaded gland with wear rings for long life.
  • Piston: High tensile heavy duty steel.
  • Base end: Welded steel end mount.
  • Piston seals: Top quality five component compact seals for excellent performance.
  • Rod seals: U-cup polyurethane rod seal with inner O-ring, POM-C wear rings with wiper.
  • Warranty: 2 year limited warranty.
  • Pressure: 2500 PSI.
  • Color: Black.


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SKU Bore Rod Stroke Retracted Extended Pin ∅ Port Size Replacement PriceQuantity
WSP 2x16W&D 2"2"16"23-5/8"39-5/8"1"1/4" NPTWestern & Diamond $120.00 $108.00
WSP 2x6WES 2"2"6"13-3/16"19-3/16"3/4"1/4" NPTWestern $94.00 $84.60
WSP 2x16FIS 2"2"16"23-1/4"39-1/4"1-1/4"1/4" NPTFisher $114.00 $102.60
WSP 2x10WES 2"2"10"17-1/4"27-1/4"1"1/4" NPTWestern $99.00 $89.10
WSP 1.5x12FIS 1.5"1.5"12"19-3/8"31-3/8"1"1/4" NPTFisher $89.00 $80.10
WSP 1.5x12ART 1.5"1.5"12"19"31"3/4"1/4" NPTArctic $89.00 $80.10
WSP 1.5x12MYE 1.5"1.5"12"18"30"5/8"1/4" NPTMeyer $89.00 $80.10
WSP 1.5x10W10 1.5"1.5"10"17-1/2"27-1/2"1"1/4" NPTWestern $85.00 $76.50
WSP 1.5x10W75 1.5"1.5"10"17-1/4"27-1/4"3/4"1/4" NPTWestern $85.00 $76.50
WSP 1.5x10F&D 1.5"1.5"10"17-1/4"27-1/4"1"1/4" NPTFisher & Diamond $85.00 $76.50
WSP 1.5x10MYE 1.5"1.5"10"16-1/4"26-1/4"5/8"1/4" NPTMeyer $85.00 $76.50
WSP 1.5x10ART 1.5"1.5"10"17"27"3/4"1/4" NPTArctic $85.00 $76.50
WSP 1.5x8WES 1.5"1.5"8"15-1/4"23-1/4"3/4"1/4" NPTWestern $82.00 $73.80
WSP 1.5x6WES 1.5"1.5"6"13"19"3/4"1/4" NPTWestern $79.00 $71.10
WSP 1.5x6MYE 1.5"1.5"6"12"18"5/8"1/4" NPTMeyer $79.00 $71.10