Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Kit


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This Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Kit is suitable for a variety of Magister Hydraulics cylinders such as: Welded Clevis, Welded Cross Tube, Welded Pin Eye and Welded Loader styles with any stroke. Magister Hydraulics cylinders are fully maintainable which allows for easy seals replacement. In a lot of cases it is not necessary to replace a cylinder, just a repair kit would be enough.  This set of thermoplastic seals is made in Italy with first choice of raw materials with EC origin. This Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Kit expresses excellence of quality and craftsmanship. If you have any questions regarding this product or if you need help on how to choose a hydraulic cylinder repair kit, please refer to our FAQ section.

  • Applications: Welded Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder.
  • Cylinder styles: Clevis, Cross Tube, Pin Eye, Loader.
  • Piston: Top quality five component compact seals.
  • Gland: Wear rings.
  • Rod: U-cup polyurethane seals with inner O-ring.
  • Rings: Pom-C wear rings.
  • Wiper: Polyurethane rod wiper.
  • Quantity: 13 pieces.
  • Bore: 1.5″ – 4″.
  • Rod: 1″ – 2″.
  • AKA: Seals Service Kit.

These Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Kits are available in stock. However for purchase of these hydraulic cylinder repair kits please contact us.


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SKU Bore Rod PriceQuantity
CRK 2x1.25 2"1.25" $15.00
CRK 1.5x1 1.5"1" $12.00
CRK 2.5x1.5 2.5"1.5" $18.00
CRK 3x1.5 3"1.5" $21.00
CRK 3.5x1.75 3.5"1.75" $24.00
CRK 4x2 4"2" $27.00
CRK 5x2.5 5"2.5" $36.00