Now we produce Snow Plow Cylinders

We are happy to announce arrival of Snow Plow cylinders. We keep in stock a variety of replacements for Western, Arctic, Meyer and Fisher snow plows.

Hydraulic Cylinders for Loaders

WLD line of hydraulic cylinders became available for sale, specially made for compact wheel loaders.

Introduction of Pin Eye Hydraulic Cylinders

New line of WPE hydraulic cylinders for slim designed applications launched in USA market.

First sale in the United States

Sales in United States started with a variety of standard welded double acting cylinders, including our WCT and WCL lines.

Magister Hydraulics in USA

Magister Hydraulics opened a new office for North American market in New Orleans, LA.

Cylinders for Waste Industry

Two major manufacturers of garbage trucks in Eastern Europe with release of more than 300 trucks per month equipped solely with Magister Hydraulics cylinders.

New Record 10k

Magister Hydraulics produced more than 10,000 cylinders this month.

Production Upgrade

Production modernization took place at Magister Hydraulics, including upgrading of all fabrication equipment and building extra facilities.

First Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

Magister Hydraulics manufactured its first telescopic hydraulic cylinder for municipal vehicles.

First Hydraulic Cylinder

First welded hydraulic cylinder for mobile equipment was designed and manufactured.