Technology of Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders at Magister Hydraulics are manufactured by implementing European technologies and setting a new bar for US standards. Nylon glass guide rings and five component compact seals to ensure longevity of a hydraulic cylinder in comparison to other alternatives. See below exploded diagram.

hydraulic cylinders

1 Tube: High tensile honed cold drawn tube.

2 Rod: High tensile ground & polished hard chrome plated rod.

3 Gland: Precision threaded gland with wear rings for long life.

4 Piston: High tensile steel for heavy duty applications.

5 Clevis ends: Durable forged items.

6 Piston seals: Top quality five component compact seals for excellent performance.

7 Rod seals: Standard U-cup polyurethane rod seal with inner O-ring.

8 Guide rings: POM-C wear rings and polyurethane wiper.

9 Ports: SAE 8 O-rings.

10 Wiper: High quality polyurethane wiper.

11 Pins: High tensile steel zinc plated.

12 Clips: zinc plated steel.

13 Plugs: Port plugs with O-rings included.

14 Gland sealing O-rings.

How to measure a hydraulic cylinder replacement

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How to measure a hydraulic cylinder replacement – watch the video below: